Why search elsewhere when we are here making the news! Yes, your favorite social media marketing service is again creating the news by going mobile! Yes, you heard it right! Now, you can also access our services conveniently from your smartphones so that monitoring your business' social media activities would not be a bothersome any day and every day. Whenever accessing your desktop or laptop becomes impossible, say when you are in a busy line or a busy park, our mobile app services would come in handy, where you can conveniently monitor or schedule your business' one or more social media networks from anywhere, without any problem. Not only that, our app is suitable for you and your business in many ways as it comes with an insane number of features that can help you effortlessly track your social media activities appreciably.

One app – multiple social media networks

Are you eager to promote your business in both the Facebook and the Twitter? Why not?

Our single app would allow you to access multiple choices, where the first of its kind is accessing the multiple social media networks that your business is a part of, which is certainly a benefit as your workload is greatly lessened and, also your time is greatly saved.

For example, if you have to buy followers on your Facebook page or buy shares for your YouTube videos or if you have to publish your tweets on your twitter page then, using our single app you can conveniently do them effortlessly, without having to individually signup for the services annoyingly.

Android and iOS compatible

Our mobile app service is available to both the Android and the iOS users as we appreciate and, as well as believe in inclusivity thoroughly!





Get notified anywhere

Whenever your post gets liked or shared, you get the instant notifications for all your social media pages favorably, no matter wherever you are or whatever you do.

Limited free service

To celebrate this on-the-go venture, we offer free service for 3 months when you download our app and signup for the service because for all those backings and appreciations you offer us, this is a small token of gratitude from us, sincerely!