Traveling In The European Union

Traveling In The European Union

Many people think that taking the rail is the only reasonable way to travel between countries. Unfortunately, the rails aren’t always reasonable, especially when you think about it in depth.

The first problem that comes to mind when thinking of traveling with by train is that not all of your destinations are on a train route. Often, the train will get you to the general vicinity, but you are left having to figure out how to get from that point to your intended destination.  Another issue with taking trains is that the schedule is not always conducive to when you want to travel. Taking an early train may mean you miss the included breakfast at your lodging. Taking a later train means that you may miss most of an available day for sightseeing too… NO THANKS!


A more reasonable way to travel is by hiring a private car and driver, which is a growing trend among European visitors. It is not practical to rent a car in one country and then use it to explore other countries, due to numerous regulations that are imposed.  Professional sightseeing and shuttle companies have already had drivers reviewed and rigorous background checks done. They ensure compliance with the European Union (EU) regulations. The companies have obtained necessary certifications to pass from country to country, and are familiar to the staff at various checkpoints.

Having a private driver is not unlike having a personal tour guide. Driving your own car, riding a train, or taking other modes of public transit do not allow opportunity to learn as you go. These drivers are locals who have been in and around each of the EU countries repeatedly. They know the best places to see, the best times to arrive and avoid large lines and over-sized crowds, as well as how to navigate back streets to bypass nasty traffic jams.

Finally, having a private driver gives you the opportunity to request one who speaks your preferred language. Drivers will sit and wait while you get out and sight see and may even take photos for you. You can converse easily about sites along the way, requested tourism stops, or to communicate numerous other pieces of information. Conversely, taking a public transit system means waits of up to 1 ½ hours for a taxi or train or bus. You may not be able to find assistants who speak your language. Waaaayyyyy too much time will be spent trying to communicate and wait for transit, whereas private shuttle services bypass all of those issues. Your biggest concern will be trying to decide where to go next 🙂

Traveling in France

1417904_49090086Traveling in France

The quintessential Tour de France can be done in many ways besides on a bicycle. Trains are an option, but do not afford you the possibility of stopping at will to explore sites of interest. Bus tours offer little more options, although major points of interest are usually visited.

You could rent a car and drive on your own, if you are good with maps and navigating narrow streets with few local maps to give direction.

A more convenient option would be to rent a limousine — and if you couldn’t tell yet… I LOVE LIMOS 🙂  You may think it is a far-fetched idea, to use a limo service in the countryside of France. After all, they were first used in the southwestern Limousin region of France, in the 700’s. Hiring a limo driver means that you are free to breathe in the fresh air and focus on exploring and taking pictures.

If you are staying in Paris, traveling by Limousine is an experience that will build memories for a lifetime. Your experience can begin when you arrive at the airport and find your limo (car) service waiting to take you to Paris, for a cost of approximately 55-65 Euros. The advantage is that the car chauffeur is waiting at the airport baggage area, holding a sign with your name on it. He already knows where you are going and is prepared to wisk you away as soon as your luggage is on the claims belt.

Be sure to talk with the driver about sites to see, and the best places to shop near your accommodations. Arrange with him to meet you early the next morning, for your day excursion. In the Limousin region are some of the most picturesque villages and small towns in all of France. There are numerous places to hike and enjoy nature and the unparalleled landscape. If you are traveling by limousine, make a request of your well trained driver to stop for a bite to eat at one of the eateries, for Le clafoutis, a moist cherry cake unique to the Limousin region.
General consensus is that a trip to Paris would not be complete without seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up and then enjoying a night out on the town.

While others wait to hail a cab, some are able to explore the city while the Limo driver waits at each stop. When the night is over, often with the dawn breaking, the driver will return you to your accommodations.  If you ever get the opportunity to travel to France, you might as well do it in style in a French limousine 🙂

Traveling within the Hawaiian Islands

Traveling within the Hawaiian Islands

Arriving at the Honolulu International Airport is the option most island visitors use. From there, one can make same day or different day connecting flights to the islands of Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii Island. Connecting flights range from 20-50 minutes in length. Ferry service is available from Maui to the two nearby islands of Lanai and Molokai.

If you are staying on Oahu, you will need to make arrangements to get from the airport to your hotel accommodations. Most hotels offer shuttle service, if you are not picking up a car rental.

To really experience Hawaii, you need to rent a car. You will want to reserve well in advance of your arrival (several months), as rentals are not always available, and are particularly scare during the peak season that runs from mid-December to mid-April. Offseason offers great rates and less crowds, so travelers who have flexibility in their schedule may want to take advantage, especially from mid-April to mid June and again from mid-September to early December. The weather is actually better off season, as the rainy season is during the winter. Temperatures are usually in the upper 70’s year round.

If you are arriving in Hawaii as honeymooners or part of a destination wedding party, considerrenting a limousine. Although hundreds of celebrities arrive in the Hawaiian islandseach year, they are not the only ones who deserve VIP treatment.



Limo services are affordable and allow you and your guests to sit back and enjoy the sights without trying to navigate unfamiliar territory. Some limousine companies offer private tours with their drivers doubling as a tour guide. Getting inside information from locals as you visit Pearl Harbor, and the associated memorials. Hiring the limo to take you full circle around the island will allow you the opportunity to experience the island in a much more personal way than going on a tourbus, for example. Fleet options usually include hummers, luxury SUV’s, sedans, and stretch limos.

Hawaii offers plenty of walking and hiking trails, and many of the attractions require walking some distance from parking lots. Therefore, it is essential to have walking shoes with you on your trip. Because it frequently rains on the beautiful island, you will need an umbrella that you can tuck in your daypack. Sunscreen is necessary for fair skinned visitors, to protect from the intense rays.

Britney has traveled the world, here’s why you should too!

The Benefits of World Travel1445758_34433053

Travel is often required in the day to day arena of life, but is often overlooked for the personal benefits that can be reaped from being a world traveler. Traveling to new locations is statistically proven to be good for the mind, body, and soul!

While not quite at the level of skills needed to travel at the level of Britney 🙂 there are still mind-benders involved in traveling in foreign countries. Learning enough of the language to get by, conversing with locals, reading maps and street signs, and ordering food at a restaurant will keep your mind sharp and alert.

Traveling to another culture is good for the soul. You will gain new insight into how people live in other parts of the world, and develop a new appreciation for the material goods that you have in your own home. In fact, the very house you live in will appear to be a castle compared to the tiny shacks shared by large families in many regions of the world.

Foreign travel means lots of exploring and sightseeing. Walking, hiking, and eating healthier fresh foods gives your body a fresh drenching of physical health. Many countries build cities in uneven terrain, so even a stroll through the streets can rival a gym workout.

It’s good to be on foot or bicycle while in other countries, and beats having to drive in a rental car in the throngs of people who fill the would-be roadways. The time comes, however, when you may want to just sit back and relax, soaking in the sights and sounds, and smells. Having a limo driver can give you a welcome break. In congested areas that are improvised, it would be pretentious to drive around in a stretch limousine, however drivers can chauffeur you with a more modest car from the fleet.

An added benefit to hiring a local limo driver is that the driver will be acquainted with the area, being a local. Having a personal tour guide beats being a part of a bus or walking tour, with a guide shared amongst a large tour group. Your limo driver/tour guide will give you undivided attention, take you to spots that you’ve heard about but have no idea how to get to, and create memories that supercede anything you’ve anticipated.

As you return home, and are reflecting on your travels to other lands, you will be refreshed and rejuvenated. Travel has multiple purposes and benefits the body, mind, and soul.